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  • Prep

    Prep your eyes with our 'CLEANslate' cleansing water. Open 'HOLDON' adhesive and remove excess glue before application.

  • Apply

    Choose your desired lash map. Gently remove lashes from the box and place them under your lash line.

  • Secure

    With FalsePlay tweezers with the curve facing you clamp your extensions

  • Kelly- OR (style #706M)

    I wore eyelash extensions for 2 year- Due to my sensitive eyes and cost I stopped. With FalsePlay- I can wear these lashes everyday. 5 min in the morning, I love them!!!!

  • Nay Nay- CO (style #706L)

    I love FalsePlay because it is so easy to apply for a night out and everyday! There's so many options to make your lashes look natural or dramatic.

  • Dai- OR (style #706L)

    I LOVE the quality of FalsePlay lashes. They are so easy to apply and leave me with a flawless finish that lasts all day.

  • Nikki- AZ (style #702L)

    "I'm horrible with extensions but false play is my go to. I can create the look that I want in seconds. The variety is amazing and I love the freedom of applying and removing whenever I want."

  • Ceylan- AZ (style #706L)

    "I have long natural lashes and I love to use FalsePlay on my outside lashes for an extra long winged look."

  • Marcy- OR (style #701M)

    FalsePlay lashes open up my eyes. I also love that the products are non-irritating to my sensitive eyes.

  • Michelle- OR (style #707L)

    So easy, I was a little intimidated at first but, once I learned how to hold the tweezers it was super easy. So much more comfortable than the regular strip lashes. These look so natural, I forgot I had them on.

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